1. at Donnas Sweets & Treats

  2. potentially lovely
    perpetually human
    suspended and open

  3. i cut off my tongue
    you started to kiss me
    blood trickled down
    don’t you ever miss me?
    don’t you ever miss meat?
    don’t you ever mince meat?
    don’t you ever mincth meat? (at Harlem)

  4. well maybe you should just drink a lot less coffee
    and never ever watch the ten o’clock news
    maybe you should kiss someone nice
    or lick a rock
    or both (at Midtown East, NYC)

  5. dog and pony
    empty our cabinet
    you never forget
    you never come back the same
    each time you go up in flames
    each time you begin to blame
    you never come back the same (at Paris, France)

  6. 🌈

  7. Wishing @emilyroez a very happy birthday today ! 😊 It’s da summa of Emily !

  8. my derring-do allows me to
    dance the rigadoon around you
    but by the time i’m close to you
    i lose my desideratum and now you

  9. i was staring at the sky, just looking for a star
    to pray on or wish on or something like that
    i was having a sweet fix of a daydream of a boy
    whose reality, i knew, was a hopeless to be had

  10. some old art… 2013?