1. i seem to look away
    wounds in the mirror waved (at Quest Bookshop NYC)

  2. this broken wheel is coming undone
    and the road’s exploding
    but you’re keeping me strong
    rolling along with you (at House Of Oldies Rare Records)

  3. ah but you got away, didn’t you baby?
    you just turned your back on the crowd
    you got away, I never once heard you say
    I need you, I don’t need you
    I need you, I don’t need you
    and all of that jiving around. (at Midtown East, NYC)

  4. don’t tell your mother that you are afraid
    don’t tell your lover that your heart might break
    don’t tell your gods you no longer believe
    because as soon as you say it out loud they will leave you

  5. 🍪 luv 4ever (at Schmackary’s)

  6. you think we’ve been here before
    you are mistaken

  7. dat brunch doe (at Pan De Quotidian)

  8. the direction of the eye
    so misleading
    the defection of the soul
    nauseously quick

  9. laughing up a storm
    until we were just bone
    until it got so warm
    that none of us could sleep

  10. I’ve woken up once and I’ve woken up twice
    and I’ve woken up millions and millions of times