1. nutella strawberry banana crepes 🍌🍓 (at Mon Petit Cafe)

  2. b i g 👄 m o u t h

  3. colorful window reflections

  4. where’s the “sew together and wear as dress” option? it puts the lotion on its skin. it puts the lotion into the basket. (at Untamed Sandwiches)

  5. i got a plan, a demand, and it just began
    and if you’re right, you’ll agree
    here’s coming a better version of me

  6. can’t be tamed (at Untamed Sandwiches)

  7. i’m resigned to sail on through
    in the wake of tales of you

  8. but he’s been pretty much yellow
    and i’ve been kinda blue
    but all i can see is
    red red red red red now
    what am i gonna do (at Lee’s Art Shop on 57th in New York City)

  9. come on in we got space for 5 more butts in here (at Hanamizuki Cafe)

  10. layin low
    want to take it slow
    no more hiding
    or disguising truths i’ve sold