1. car pumpkin! @mikeshan_ (at Demarest Farms)

  2. 🌈 (at Lee’s Art Shop on 57th in New York City)

  3. 😐 haha (at Bustan)

  4. stop trying to make “iced rings” happen 🍩 (at A&P)

  5. e s c a p e . f i r e (at New York, New York)

  6. 👌 (at Sophia’s Wine Bar Cafe)

  7. 🐤🌿

  8. hey, i know i made the same mistake, yeah. i won’t do it again, no.

  9. time to call the doggies off. tired of the shadowin’ (at Herald Square)

  10. pour some sugar on me ☕️ (at Starbucks 36th & 6th Ave.)